Edwardian Era (1901-1910) represented a very important role in the British history,

and the womenswear during that period had influenced modern fashion.



The Gibson girl is the archetypes of Edwardian Era, they are youthful, strong and independent,

which represents the women in modern society. I have chosen Edwardian Era as main theme

of my final year collection.


I have applied several garment making techniques, such as hemming machine, bias binding,

invisible zip, making facing and lining for my garments.

The theme of my final year collection should have strongly inspired me so I could easily design

garments. In my childhood, American movies has taken an important part and inspired me.

“My Fair Lady” was one of the most successful and well-known musical released in 1964.

The plot of “My Fair Lady” was during Edwardian Era, therefore the costumes was strongly

influenced by that period of time.  The cutting and designs of the costumes was feminine

and created an unique shape. I did research on the fashion during Edwardian Era online,

and I read that the most representing design characteristic was tall and stiff collars and the broad hats.

The main feature of my design is focused on the collar. I believe that Edwardian Era fashion is one

of the most important influences in the modern fashion trend, and will never be outdated.

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